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We care about quality craftsmanship and take care of the little details that make your house special.

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Our quality house extensions make your Brisbane home more suited to the way you like to live.
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We create the updated, modern home you desire – and the convenience that goes with it.

The Benefits of Working with Fraederich Homes

  • Enjoy the process of building your dream home by working directly with your builder for a quality result that is as unique as you are
  • When you engage Fraederich Homes you work with a skilled craftsman with a love of his trade, the materials he creates with and the environment he builds in
  • Your dream home is a quality Fraederich Homes’ work of art, to our minds, not just another house in a production line of many from a volume builder
  • Know that the finishes of your new home are as important to your uniquely experienced builder as they are to you and your family

To discover how very possible it is to have a finely crafted, beautiful home that is unique to you,
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A Sample of Our Past Constructions


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A Deck With a View

Every Queensland Home Needs a Deck.

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Welcome Home

A Pleasing Entrance to a House is Paramount .

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Bathroom Renovations Brisbane


Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

Have a Bathroom that’s Beautiful

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Kitchen Renovations Brisbane


Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

A Dream Kitchen Needs a Skilled Builder

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Renovation Builders Brisbane

“At Fraederich Homes, We Make Old Houses New Again”

That’s right – when you love your old home, but you need more space, then don’t risk making a mess of it.  As experienced renovation builders Brisbane and Ipswich way, we know how to help.  Call Rico to discuss how to bring out the best in your beloved home.  Fraederich Homes has a team of specialist renovation builders who can turn your Brisbane home into a masterpiece.  We have the skills and the experience to bring out the best in every home.  Furthermore there just may be some hidden opportunities that you didn’t yourself.  We often get too close to our own surrounds!  An outsider can often see the “obvious” that we no longer can. So if you need more rooms and you don’t want to sell your home to get them, call us.  Fraederich Homes can work through the options with you, before you make any rash decisions!

What are the options for your home renovation?

Is your family getting too big for your house?  Don’t want to move, but getting squeezed for space?  Have you considered all of your options?  Before you make any decisions, call us to discuss the best option for your home.  There are solutions that involve adding an extension onto your home.  We can discuss options to renovate and modernise the interior of your home.  There is also sometimes the option to raise your home and build underneath.  But there is a lot to consider before choosing any of these options.  So it pays to talk with a home renovation builder who knows the local Brisbane market.

Fraederich Homes can create your dream home

Owner Rico Fraederich takes care in working personally with his clients to understand their needs.  As specialist home renovation builders Brisbane, our reputation depends on our ability to meet your requirements.  No two houses are the same, and no two renovations are exactly the same.  And we are okay with that!  Many builders are inflexible in their design philosophy, and tend to gravitate towards the easy solution. That is why most housing estates all look pretty much the same.  But here at Fraederich Homes, we celebrate the unique aspects of your ideas and home.  So we aim to retain the character of your existing home as a highlight.  But at the same time, we aim to modernise and update the necessary areas that age and date a property.  With our experience, knowledge and some special touches, we can create an appealing, modern and convenient oasis.  You and your family will love it!

No problem is too hard to solve

When it comes to renovation builders Brisbane, we have seen just about every type of SE Queensland property there is.  From the character laden timber homes, to modern brick and tile.  But it can be true that older style houses come with their own unique problems.  From old age problems, to termite damage, or a leaking roof, we have seen it all.  No problem is too hard to solve and no job is too big or too small.  We just love to find ways to turn a small house or a wasted space into a bright, comfortable home with plenty of space for your family to enjoy.

Quality builder and renovation specialist

If you have the vision to keep your old house and turn it into your dream home, then you need a specialist renovation builder.  We have a great team of qualified and experienced carpenters, builders and tradesmen.  Because we have a special interest in renovations and restorations, we are good at what we do.  One of Rico’s many skills is in identifying the opportunites for improvement in your home, and creating unique features that people love.  We can undertake those renovations that require traditional craftsmanship, and we can blend that with ultra modern home design for a truly desirable finish.

Are you afraid of what you might find?

Rico has been in the renovation game in Brisbane for years, so has seen just about everything there is to know about home renovations.  Don’t be afraid of what we might find!  Problem solving is one of the many things we do well.  Unexpected issues are part and parcel of home renovations but needn’t be a show stopper.  We accept there will be challenges along the way, and maybe there will need to be some last minute changes or alterations.  Issues can be addressed at any stage of a project and it’s pointless to try to avoid them!  Here at Fraederich Homes, we like to work with you to sort out these issues before they become a problem.  We actively try to find solutions which are affordable, and viable alternatives, and allow you have a say in the final outcome.

House renovations and extensions for Brisbane homes

In our business it doesn’t get forgotten that your house is actually your home!  We are mindful of your lifestyle choices, and we can find unique and innovative ways to extend and renovate your property.  Have you considered all the options to get the best out of your old home?  You might be surprised at some of the options.  There are options to build upwards, downwards, or add decks and living spaces where there weren’t any previously.  Don’t be bound by convention! We love to think outside the square, and our previous clients are extremely happy with the options we created.  In fact, we like to make people happy to live in their dream home, as well as adding significant value to their property.

Renovation builders for the Brisbane climate

Here in Brisbane, we have a unique lifestyle based around the amazing sub-tropical climate.  Our houses need to reflect that lifestyle, but sadly that is not always the way.  If you talk to Rico Fraederich, you’ll learn he loves the climate here in Brisbane.  A love of the area and creative opportunities is partially why he has become one the best of the renovation builders Brisbane has around.  Why not embrace the warm weather, and the Brisbane lifestyle by renovating or extending our homes to suit the weather?  Large living spaces, outdoor leisure and fresh and modern appearances are at the heart of Fraederich Homes designs.

Choose Fraederich Homes for a refreshing approach

We take particular note that your home is your castle!  We are not like other builders or renovation specialists who tell you what can’t be done.  Nor do we give you a “one size fits all” solution.  We listen to your requirements, we assess your lifestyle desires, and we want to work with you to create your dream home.  But we also have lots of great ideas.  And we like to share.  We love to work in collaboration, starting right at the beginning!  We are also aware of cost constraints, so we won’t give you false hopes at the start, but will give you a realistic quote.

Brilliant before and after shots!

Yes! We can show you some brilliant before and after photos.  Because they are our photos!   To show you the quality of our work, and to help show you the vision of what you could achieve, we invite you to visit our extensive Gallery on this website HERE.  To assist with visualisation, 3D images of any proposed renovation or extension can be developed before we begin work.  Prior experience has proven that this is the best way to confirm your requirements and help to address any concerns before you commit to anything.

Choose the best home renovation builders Brisbane

If you need more space at your place, but don’t know where to start, then call us.  As one of the best home renovation builders and home extension specialists in Brisbane, we invite you to meet with us and discuss your plans. Often we can see opportunities to improve your living space, and provide the most cost effective solutions.  Even if not immediately obvious to you, we can usually provide sympathetic and affordable home renovations that add that “wow” factor to your property.  If it is your wish, we aim to turn your existing house into your dream home.  At the same time we can add significant value to your property, and add to your investment.

Fraederich Homes are the home renovation builders for Brisbane homeowners who want to turn their old house into their dream home!

Call us to make an appointment today.

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