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Renovations BrisbaneAre you looking to unlock the potential of your home, but unsure where to start?

Renovating your house can be both an exciting and challenging task. Firstly you need to make choices for your desired style.  Then you need to decide whether you would prefer to do it yourself or hire a professional.  It’s fair to say the process can quickly become overwhelming!

If you’re unsure where to start we can help.  If you would like a reliable, experienced professional builder to handle your renovations, call Fraederich Homes.

Enrico Fraederich and his team at Fraederich Homes are experts when it comes to home renovations.  They’ve done a great many life-style enhancing renovations Brisbane, Bayside and in the West.  You only have to browse through the Gallery for a short time to see many stunning examples.

What Does the Term ‘renovations’ Cover?

Renovation is sometimes known as remodeling.  Whatever you call it, it is the process of improving or fixing a broken or outdated structure. Most people decide to renovate their house to improve the appearance or feel of the place.  Some renovate to improve the saleability and value of the property.  However, sometimes it is also necessary to renovate from a safety or structural point of view.

Some people repaint a room, change the window coverings and floor coverings and call that renovating.  And so it is!  And we recommend that unless you have extensive prior experience or technical qualifications or skills in a trade, you engage qualified professionals to carry out larger scale renovations.

There are several important reasons for this.

How Big Can Renovations Get and Can I Do It Myself?

Renovations can vary in size, from small fixer-upper projects to large structural changes. It may seem tempting to take on renovations on your own.  However, it’s advisable to speak to a qualified and licensed builder before you begin your DIY renovation journey.

Believe it or not, some service providers will undertake renovations that require a builders license, when they don’t actually have one.  Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the requirements of the work you want to undertake.  You may like to visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) for guidance.

Our experienced team at Fraederich Homes will be able to advise you and assist with helpful information.  We don’t mind how big or small your job is. We can even guide you through what to expect during your renovation process.  We’ll help you make the tough decisions by discussing with you what you’ll need to know.

What Are The Challenges in Doing Your Own Renovations?

It may seem tempting to take on a DIY project in your home to save money.  It may even seem like fun!  However, there are a number of disadvantages with this approach.


Firstly, there are qualifications to consider.  One of the main disadvantages is that the person undertaking the renovations may not be qualified to perform certain tasks. Qualified builders have years of training and experience behind them.  As a result they know the in and outs of safety protocols. By performing the renovations without hiring a professional, you are potentially undertaking risky activities.  Don’t endanger yourself or your family with decisions that may not be based on sufficient information.


Another downside is potentially not knowing the specific laws and legislation that apply to building in Queensland.  This could easily lead to your property not meeting building standards. This can result in fines or lawsuits and can lead to more money being spent. Especially relevant is when it comest to selling your property.  If it does not meet building standards or is not appropriately approved, it may lose you the sale.  Hiring a qualified builder removes the risk.  Professional builders keep up to date with building codes and will be able to make sure your renovated house complies with all of the legislation and that your finished product is legal.


Finally, one of the downsides to doing your own renovations is the potential for it to run significantly longer than expected. Making time to finish renovations can be time consuming and exhausting. Often renovations take significantly longer than they should because people simply don’t have the time or energy to finish.

Have you ever seen that half-finished renovation that has been sitting so long that it needs to be started again?

Fraederich Homes Specialise in Renovations Brisbane, Bayside and Westside

You can avoid all of these potential pitfalls by engaging the services of Fraederich Homes.  We deal with all of these issues daily.  Furthermore, our firsthand knowledge of what’s required, how to do it and how long it takes will ensure you a thorough, professional, quality job.  In addtion there is the advantage of a job that is completed in a timely fashion.  Finally, you’ll have a project that works to a budget you can have confidence in.

An incomplete, unprofessional and unfinished renovation is stressful and not value-adding!

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Professional to do My Renovations?

There are a number of benefits to hiring a qualified builder to do your renovations.


First of all, and most important, is safety. While it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, the professionals are experts at safety procedures.  Your licensed and qualified builder has years of experience and are highly experienced professionals. Furthermore the tradespeople he engages have to pass his exacting standards. Consequently, you are taking the potential risk out of performing these renovations yourself.  Put the specialist work into the hands of an expert.


Probably the most visible benefit is quality. By hiring a professional, you know that you are getting top a top-quality service by experienced professionals.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being involved yourself.  While it’s important to put your personal touch on the home improvements, you’ll probably enjoy it more if you’re not under pressure!

Small projects, such as painting, tiling for example, can be easily undertaken yourself.  This is especially so if you have the right experience and know what you’re doing. However, in the case of an emergency or something unexpectedly going pear-shaped, having a professional take care of the job can be beneficial to you and avoid any unnecessary costs and delays. Put simply, hiring a professional tradesperson to do your renovations can eliminate the stress that might arise.

Peace of Mind

If you’re looking at undergoing renovations in Brisbane, do consider all the options.  Hiring a skilled and experienced tradesperson gives you peace of mind that your job is being performed to the highest standard. You are eliminating the danger that might arise by you performing these tasks yourself.  And finally, you are making sure the final product is up to code.


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Integrity, Quality and Honesty

At Fraederich Homes we have a team of qualified tradespeople who are willing to work with you every step of the way. We will work with you from start to finish to make sure you are completely satisfied with your renovations. We are open and honest with our discussions and will keep you informed during the project.  Avoid the stress and the risks and get in touch with us here at Fraederich Homes today.

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