Is home building on acreage land in Brisbane a complex process?

Land in Brisbane’s outer Western suburbs is often purchased by people with a dream to build a new, acreage home.  Much as with any other building project, it’s important to know how best to proceed.  And like any larger scale project, it is vital to talk to an expert.  Drawing on the skills of these experienced acreage home builders Brisbane and Ipswich, Fraederich Homes is highly recommended.  Fraederich Homes has knowledge of the techniques involved in building on acreage.  They also have knowlege of the local area of Brisbane West, so Fraederich Homes easily helps you achieve your desired result.

Are you constructing in the ever popular Brisbane West acreage suburbs of Anstead, Brookfield, Mount Crosby, Pullenvale, or further afield? Whether here or elsewhere, the process is essentially the same.  The services of a reliable and experienced builder will be of great benefit to you.  Who can you rely on to provide a quality service with comprehensive communication throughout the build?  Enrico Fraederich of Fraederich Homes is such a builder.

What could be more reassuring than an acreage home designer who has been there and done exactly that with his own property?  Rico is one Brisbane acreage home builder in this position.  He built his own property on acreage land, and it was also built on a sloping block!  Rico lives in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane and uses his expertise to build in his local area.

The challenges of building on acreage blocks

Building on acreage presents well-documented challenges such as service supply of water and sewerage and site clearance of trees.  Often additional foundation works are required.  However, these are far from being insurmountable for an experienced professional.  Rico, for example, deals with these exact problems on a regular basis.  He is unfazed by such issues.  As with all of his work, he simply and efficiently works through the project, keeping his clients informed at all stages in meetings on site or in the comfort of their present homes. His “can-do” attitude is in fact possibly the most recognised facet of his work as identified by his customers.  They often express Rico’s willingness to always go “the extra mile” in order to satisfy their needs.

Budget, craftsmanship and energy saving solutions

Present acreage home designs in Brisbane have tended towards a sleek, modernist appearance.  Commonly, they’re built over one story.  This is, however, not the only solution you could consider.  Fraederich Homes are well placed to assist clients in designing their perfect new house in the exact style they request.  They can do this whilst continuing to ensure their client’s budget is adhered to throughout.

Needless to say, as the building rises from the ground, Rico’s eye for detail and master craftsmanship shine through.  His knack of assisting clients in choosing precisely the perfect solution to meet their needs has  delighted customers for more than 10 years.  Rico focuses on perfect custom-built spaces, but also has another interest.  Critically, cost-savings through utilisation of economical and energy saving solutions are a primary focus.

Take care assessing acreage home builders Brisbane & Ipswich

Despite the difficulties often associated with acreage home building in Brisbane, there is no reason to discount this construction method entirely.  When considering your new house, instead focus on the the questions you need to ask.  Many of your questions should relate to the experience and ability of the builder you engage.  Consider the track record of Fraederich Homes and give them a call to discuss your project.  You will be glad you did!