Have you ever wondered whether house raising Ipswich timber cottages is a good idea?  In fact, it is hard not to notice these days when you travel around Ipswich.  There seem to be lots of people getting into house raising in Ipswich!  And there are lots of good reasons for raising your house and building underneath. Some people think raising a house is a good idea to add capital value, and this is true!  Or maybe for some home owners, house raising is a good way to add more space.  But for some people in Ipswich, house raising is more of a necessity, rather than just a nice to have.

Why might you consider house raising Ipswich cottages?

Without a doubt, Ipswich has really come along in the last few years, with many new developments.  There has been a lot of urban renewal in and around the CBD, with lots of interesting places to eat, drink and spend time with friends.  At the same time, the outer suburbs of Ipswich have really taken off with places like Springfield, Yamanto and Ripley becoming very liveable.  There is a wide variety of accommodation options, from apartments, house and land packages, and even acreage blocks.  But of course, the long time favourites are the wonderful traditional Queenslander style houses that are icons of Ipswich.  And it is these traditional character houses that offer the most opportunity for house raising Ipswich.

House Raising Ipswich

House raising Ipswich cottages adds more living space

There is no one size fits all when it comes to house raising Ipswich people!  Some of the beautiful Queenslander style homes can be renovated, raised and built in, whilst still retaining their character.  In fact, there are some examples of house raining in Ipswich which have added incredible value to the property.  This is in addition to increasing the size of the home.  And for many people, this is a major attraction for raising a house.  If the design of the house, and the layout of the property permit, it is possible to raise the house and build in underneath.  This process can add several rooms to the house, such as extra bedrooms or living areas.  Sometimes even a separate accommodation area for larger families can be eked out.

What is the interest in house raising, Ipswich?

There are many more reasons for housing raising Ipswich cottages, in addition to adding more space.  So lets discuss in more detail, some of the other benefits:

Looking to renovate and increase capital value?

Without a doubt, raising a house and adding more living space underneath is a sure way to increase the desirability of your property.  Many of the traditional Queenslanders were built on elevated stumps, so there is rarely a theoretical problem with raising a timber house.  In fact, some of the most prestigious old Queenslander homes were elevated, and this just adds to the appearance.  Plus there is the added benefit to housing raising to add heaps of additional living space underneath.  If you are considering renovating your property, it can often be worth increasing the scope to lift the house at the same time.  There is minimal inconvenience in doing a renovation and house raising at the same time.  The benefit is that when completed, the finished property has often increased in value by more than the cost of raising a house in Ipswich.

Raise the house above flood levels

So now we move to the other end of the spectrum.  We move from a “nice to have”, to a “peace of mind” necessity.  It is never a nice feeling living with a risk of flooding.  This is especially so when you never really know when the next flood is coming, or how high it will go.  But it is sometimes possible to protect your family and your property by raising your house above the flood level in Ipswich.  The Ipswich council flood maps offer comprehensive flood warning information about possible flood levels.  It also offers advice on how high to raise Ipswich houses.  This information is provided for each street in every Ipswich suburb.  So home owners can make the decision on how to protect their property from future flood events.

House raising makes a house more liveable

If you are looking for more living space, why not consider raising your house in Ipswich?  There is more to gain than just adding more bedrooms.  As anyone knows, the downstairs rooms are often cooler and more comfortable in summer.  Plus you can add more verandah living space, both upstairs and downstairs.  Many people embrace the outdoor lifestyle in Ipswich and around South-East Queensland.  Can you picture yourself relaxing on a shady veranda with beautiful floorboards and timber balustrades?  This is one of the hidden benefits of house raising Ipswich timber cottages, because it increases the livability of the property.

House raising Ipswich

Whatever your reason for raising a house in Ipswich, it pays to talk to a local experienced builder before you start.  Rico is the owner and manager at Fraederich Homes, and he is an experienced and local builder with experience in custom home building and renovations.  He loves to be involved in house raising in Ipswich because it is one of the best ways to uncover the true potential of any home.

Call Rico today on 0415 978 483 and he can show you how to unlock the secret benefits to house raising in Ipswich.