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“We Give Old Houses a New Lease of Life”

As home renovation builders Brisbane, Ipswich and surrounds, we work with you and your older, established property to create the updated, modern home you desire – and the convenience that goes with it.

From Problems to Possibilities

Older houses come with their own set of problems.  As beautiful as they are, they’re not always suited to your modern lifestyle.  Unlike new builds, you can find yourself restricted by the existing structure.  The house may have small rooms and unworkable layouts that don’t give you the freedom and comfort you’d like. We work closely with our clients to create new and useable floor plans that give you more light, more comfort and a new sense of space.

Anyone who has enough vision to see the potential in an old house will appreciate the value of a good builder who can help you visualise your dream and make it real. Our unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and up-to-the-minute modern home design brings a new perspective to your home renovation.  This vision leads to us presenting new possibilities that you may not have otherwise seen.

Renovation Builders Brisbane

Adding a stairway increased the livability of this home.

Restoring The Past With The Future in Mind

Good home renovation builders see your Brisbane home as an investment in the future.  Concentrating on energy-saving, low-maintenance solutions that keep costs down and make life that bit more comfortable in the longer term is what we do.  We don’t believe in quick-fix repairs.  Energy-conscious, sympathetic restoration that extends the life of your building and reduces your bills makes more sense.

Fraederich Homes deal with the little details.  The ones that are overlooked by builders in a hurry and that can speed up decay and wear-and-tear in your home. We understand how older buildings work and provide the protection they need to keep them dry, protected from the elements and structurally sound. Part of our service is to continue to support our customers after any building renovation by offering free, no-obligation maintenance assessments at regular intervals after the build.

We Know How Old Houses Work

Home renovations are a voyage of discovery – once you start work, you never know what you will find.  Although we do everything we can to prepare for a project, surprise discoveries can alter the direction of a project in unexpected ways. We draw on years of experience to incorporate new challenges into your build, working with you to find affordable solutions that keep the project on track.

Fraederich Homes are home renovation builders Brisbane homeowners can trust and who are ready to explore the possibilities their older property has to offer. We provide sympathetic, cost-conscious home renovations delivered by experienced craftsmen with an eye for creative, modern design.

If you think we could help you with your home renovation, please contact us to find out more.  We are renovation builders Brisbane, Brisbane West and Bayside.

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We care about quality craftsmanship and take care of the little details that make your house special

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We create the updated, modern home you desire – and the convenience that goes with it