The suburbs of Brisbane West are notoriously hilly.  Traditionally this terrain has posed serious problems for would be homeowners wishing to build in these areas.  Yet modern building techniques are able to overcome such challenges.  That is, provided they are overseen by a skilled builder.  And a skilled builder experienced in working with sloping block house designs Brisbane or elsewhere.

Constructing sloping block house designs in Brisbane shouldn’t be an uphill struggle!  And with Fraederich Homes, you’ll find it isn’t.

Joys (and pitfalls) of sloping block house designs Brisbane & Ipswich

Building on a sloping block is advantageous to a buyer for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the cost of such land is quite often cheaper than that of flatter plots.  However, the primary attraction of constructing in this area are the possible views.  Incredible panoramas from many – if not every – room are achievable.  Furthermore, cost savings in energy bills can be achieved by taking advantage of ventilation and natural light. If you are seeking to create a bespoke home on sloping land it is vital to seek professional assistance and advice as early as possible in your project.  This is as opposed to reworking your site during groundworks to move earth and level the block to eliminate the hill,

It can cost more to build on a sloping block because of the groundworks.  Furthermore, there may be council planning regulations to meet, so be aware of these factors.  It may pay to get your builder on site before setting your heart on a particular block of land.  Avoid putting your hard-earned money on the line before knowing everything there is to know about the block.  This could prevent you from buying a block that is too difficult or too expensive to build on.  And that would be a lifesaver.

Your experienced builder of sloping block house designs Brisbane

Enrico (Rico) Fraederich has worked in hilly suburbs of Brisbane such as Indooroopilly, as well as Karana Downs in the Western Suburbs.  He is an experienced builder who has even built his own family home on a sloping block, on acreage.  Rico’s approach is clear and uncomplicated. To make the whole process as simple and easy to understand for his clients as possible, he is transparent. Rico brings his master craftsman’s eye to every stage of the process.  This is right from the outset, when he can meet with you to inspect your site.  Here he’ll discuss possible designs and solutions you may wish to incorporate into your new house.

Initial discussions will also include pertinent information about finances.  Rico will work with you to agree budgets and timescales and find the perfect balance that suits your needs. Proper planning at this stage ensures that aspects which could be overlooked by a less experienced Brisbane builder are instead fully addressed.  Everything is taken into account.  Drainage and services questions get identified for research and answers.  Importantly, the orientation of the sloping block house is chosen for the best result.

Custom builds to suit your style

As with other custom build projects, sloping block houses can be designed to exactly fit your needs.  The internal space can be moulded into zones and areas that work in tune with your lifestyle.  The added bonus of a raised build is the ability to create split levels.  Using the geological features of the land to naturally limit noise or aid the flow and feel of your property is wonderful.

Fraederich Homes’ mantra is to ensure that each customer receives a bespoke service.  Something that individually meets their needs and works within agreed budgets and timescales.  Rico’s personal talent and attention to detail are what distinguishes his company from other builders. They are what allow him to deliver unique, creative solutions for his customers time and again. Whether you are located in Brisbane, Ipswich, or elsewhere in South-East Queensland, call Rico for a no-obligation chat.  If you are considering a sloping block house design and build project, don’t be put off by what at first may seem a complex task.

Instead, contact Fraederich Homes and allow Rico to assist and guide you through the process.  Allow him to help you realise the home of your dreams in the idyllic location you desire.