Been to the showroom – now just want the bathroom renovation?

So you have found the bathroom of your dreams in a showroom.  But your current bathroom is too old.  Or configured the wrong way around.  Or the window is too small.  It is so hard to get a bathroom that looks exactly like the one in the showroom!  This is a common problem with renovating.  The bathroom that we see in the showroom look fantastic, but how do you get one of those? Bathroom renovations Ipswich homeowners just love are entirely possible with Fraederich Homes!

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How do you get bathroom renovations how you like them?

Bathroom Renovations Ipswich No matter how many showrooms you look at, they are just for show!  They are designed with clean lines, and excellent layout, because they were purpose built to look great.  So how do you get bathroom renovations that look as good as the showroom?  You can do one of two things.  Either choose a bathroom style that matches the layout that you already have, and focus on the tiles fixtures and fittings.  Or you can ask an experienced renovation builder such as Fraederich Homes to design your bathroom layout, so you get exactly what you want.


How do you pull together all of the necessary trades?

The hidden problem when it comes to bathroom renovations Ipswich homes need is that you need a lot of different trades.

Just think about it.  To move the vanity, or get a new vanity, that requires some plumbing work.  No worries, just call a plumber. But when the plumber is finished, he tells you that the power outlet is in the wrong place.  This is because it needs to be a certain distance away from water.  Better get and electrician!  And by the way, the tiles fell off the wall due to water damage.  Oh well, never mind, you can just take the rest of tiles off.  Alas – only to find that the wall behind the tiles is damp due to a water leak, and needs a water proof lining.  So before the tiles can be replaced you might need a carpenter or plasterer…

Oh oh, this is starting to get complicated!

There is a better way to do bathroom renovations Ipswich!

Call in the specialists in bathroom renovations Ipswich Qld!  Here at Fraederich Homes, we have helped many home owners and renovators to achieve their dream bathroom.  We specialise in the design, layout, remodelling and fitment of whole new bathrooms.  Or, we can simply remodel the bathroom you already have.  No matter whether you want to renovate an old bathroom, add an ensuite or include a bathroom in a house extension, we have the experience to pull it all together.

We don’t present you all of the fancy showroom glitter, but we can show you real examples.  These are examples of high quality bathroom renovations that we have completed for happy clients around Ipswich and Brisbane.  Because the quality of the result is in the workmanship, don’t trust the most important aspect of your bathroom renovations to anyone less experienced than us.

Bathroom renovations add value to your property

Without a doubt, high quality bathroom renovations can add huge value to your house.  If you want your property to stand out from the others, one of the simplest ways is to impress people with a brand new bathroom and ensuite.  And when it comes to kitchen or bathroom renovations in Ipswich and Brisbane, then Fraederich Homes is the renovation builder of choice.

What is the cost of a bathroom renovation?

It is important to visit the bathroom showrooms for ideas on tiling, looks, fixtures and vanities.  At least you get to see the most modern appliances and layouts. You can also visualise what you want your bathroom renovations to look like.  Because the most important thing about bathroom renovations Ipswich and Brisbane homes need, is how to bring it all together and under the budget!  Here is a brief list of the types of trades and services that Fraedrich Homes offer and can “pull it all together” for you;

  • Fraederich Homes offers a comprehensive bathroom design and renovation service
  • Or, Rico is happy to work to your bathroom specifications to crate the perfect bathroom
  • Full bathroom renovations, extensions, remodelling, transformations – no job is too big or too small
  • Fraederich Homes have a team of experienced tradies for all your plumbing, carpentry, tiling, fixtures and fittings
  • From ceiling to floor, including windows, doors and walls, we can transform any bathroom into your dream bathroom heaven
  • Why not have that spa you have always dreamed of?  You want the latest tiles and vanity options?  Sure!
  • Fraederich homes can demolish your old bathroom, remove the waste, and create your new bathroom, as a complete service
  • Depending on your living arrangements, you may not even have to move out!

Call Rico at Fraederich Homes today to talk about the cost of bathroom renovations – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Top quality bathroom renovations

If you long for a dream bathroom or ensuite, then do the job right and call in the expert bathroom renovators.  For an outstanding job and tradespeople with attention to detail, Fraederich Homes have the team.  If you have already selected quality fittings and fixtures, don’t risk poor workmanship.  Leaks and cracks can be disastrous in a bathroom.  You will have to live with those small faults and imperfections for a very long time!

So get the job done right the first time, and call Fraederich Homes for all your bathroom renovations, remodelling and updating.

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