Without a doubt, there is a wide range of builders to choose from in Ipswich and surrounding suburbs.  So how do you decide the who the best builders in Ipswich are?  Sure, there are those builders with flashy show rooms and display homes.  Or, there are the large building companies who advertise on mass media.  And then there are the busy builders who seem to churn out cookie cutter homes by the thousands.  But do any of these really satisfy your need for the best of Ipswich builders?

So, you’re on the search for the best builders in Ipswich?

There is another criteria that could make all the difference when it comes to the best choice of local builder.  Someone who truly is a local builder in Ipswich.  Furthernore, someone who has built their own home in Ipswich!  Rico Fraederich from Fraederich Homes is one of the best builders in Ipswich, not least of all because he lives here!  He is based in Ipswich, and has many years of experience building new homes and renovating older style Ipswich and Brisbane homes.

A truly local Ipswich builder

Fraederich Homes is a great choice of builder in Ipswich.  Firstly, because they know the area.  And secondly because they know what works best in terms of design and materials.  For example, Rico has a passion for building sustainable homes that suit the local Ipswich environment.  Rico also has a passion for quality fixtures and finishes, so he knows how to add quality to your new home.  When you are looking for a local Ipswich builder with a passion for quality and individuality, then Rico is the man.  Rico was trained in Europe, and has a keen eye for design and longevity.  He has a background in carpentry and understands how to blend character and lifestyle features.  If you want to create a modern and functional family home, then it is well worth a conversation with Fraederich Homes.

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Flexible design packages

Having realised you’ve located the best builders in Ipswich, you’ll then be delighted with the designs they have to offer!  Fraederich Homes offer flexible packages and will not dictate the housing style or design.  They offer many different construction styles, and there is bound to be an option to suit your budget.  Do you have an awkward block, or want to take advantage of lovely views or cool breezes?  Then Rico will be able to hone in on exactly the design you are looking for.  When it comes to designing and building your dream home, there is no one size fits all.  Give Rico a call for an obligation free discussion about how to exploit the very best options for your new home.  Whether you are building in Ipswich, Springfield, Ripley, Deebing Heights or Yamanto, or back further afield in Ipswich surrounds.

We build Ipswich homes, not just houses

Here at Fraederich Homes, we are one of the best builders in Ipswich because we are truly passionate about what we do.  We are a small team of skilled and experienced tradespeople.  We offer uniquely designed homes that are suited to the local Ipswich Qld environment.  We know and understand the various different nuances about the local Ipswich suburbs. And we know what works best depending on your individual requirements.  For example, the older Ipswich suburbs have lovely character homes, so we love to build sympathetic houses with character features.  In total contrast, the newer Ipswich suburbs have a blend of modern homes on compact blocks.  No matter what preference you have for building a home in Ipswich, Fraederich Homes can tailor a solution to build your dream home.

We love building in Ipswich

There is no doubt that the Ipswich region has experienced healthy growth and urban renewal in recent times.  With fantastic transport options to the city, Ipswich is a fantastic place to live and play.  Do you prefer a character property? A low maintenance brick and tile?  A homestead style?  Or even a townhouse?  We have options that are sure to suit – and impress.

Do house and land packages leave you cold?

If you find it difficult to find your dream home in a catalogue, or builders brochure, then it is time to talk to Rico at Fraederich Homes.  In fact, Rico does not have a house and land package to offer!  What Rico does have to offer is wonderful design ideas, unique aspects, and clever use of floor space.  If you want to avoid the cookie cutter mentality, then it is good to know there are better options.  To speak to one of the best builders in Ipswich, give Rico a call today.  And be inspired!

When design matters

If you prefer style over substance, or if you want to be involved in the design process, then Fraederich Homes offer a different perspective.  When the design of your new home is important to you, then it pays to find an Ipswich builder who will listen to your requirements.  That is why Fraederich Homes is the one of the best builders in Ipswich.  Because they understand your needs, and can tailor a design to meet your needs.

Call Rico at Fraederich Homes today on 0415 978 483.

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