Are you dreaming of kitchen and bathroom renovations?


“Great kitchen and bathroom renovations can add considerable value to your home.”


Bathroom RenovationsHas your kitchen seen better days?  Are bathroom renovations are on your wishlist?  Would you like a completely new kitchen or bathroom, or at least some strategic improvements to make what you have more livable and useable?  Do you have an idea of what you want, but feel completely unsure of where to start?  Changing a core room of your home, such as a bathroom or a kitchen, can be a daunting task.

That’s where Enrico (Rico) Fraederich is a godsend for the Brisbane home renovator.

At Fraederich Homes we completely understand that these rooms are both important and personal to each individual homeowner.  We cater for different tastes, budgets and house types.

By working with Fraederich Homes you will be working closely with a team of enthusiastic, skilled and qualified tradespeople who will be able to bring your renovation ideas to life and take the stress out of renovating such important rooms.


What are the benefits of hiring a professional to do my bathroom and kitchen renovations?

It can be tempting to take on these renovations yourself, or at least parts of them.  However, when it comes to core rooms like kitchens and bathroom renovations, hiring professionals such as the team at Fraederich Homes comes with several benefits.

These rooms are critically important

Core rooms can drastically change the look and feel of your home.  Great kitchen and bathroom renovations can add considerable value to your home.  On the flipside, poor renovations can be irritating to live with, expensive, and negatively affect resale value.  So it’s advisable to be a little wary about making the changes yourself.

By engaging Fraederich Homes, you will be working with a team of professionals who have extensive experience working with different types of renovations, including fantastic transformations of kitchens and bathrooms. You can relax and watch Rico and the Fraederich Homes team deliver the renovation to perfection, knowing that you are not sacrificing quality.

Safety should be a priority

Another benefit is avoiding any safety issues. You’d be surprised how much lies beneath the surfaces of bathrooms and kitchens. It’s a maze of pipes and electrics in many cases. Undertaking renovations on these rooms require knowledge of sewer and/or gas lines, plumbing and electricity. Only qualified trades should venture into these areas, so as to avoid immediate danger or dangers due to sub-standard workmanship.

As a fully qualified and experienced builder, Rico Fraederich knows how to manage the risks associated with these elements. In addition, coordinating the trades to complete kitchen and bathroom renovations is a skill, which becomes honed with experience.  Engaging Rico and Fraederich homes to benefit from these skills is also invaluable for those who are new to the world of renovations,

By hiring Fraederich Homes to look after the transformation of your bathroom or kitchen, you are eliminating these risks and able to enjoy the renovation process, as well as relishing the final result.


What kitchen and bathroom renovations services do we provide?

Below are just some of the bathroom and kitchen renovation services we offer:

  • Working with you during the early designing stages to make sure you are happy before going ahead with the renovations
  • Working with you to create a beautiful kitchen or bathroom renovation that is within your budget
  • Installing sinks, showers, baths and toilets
  • Installing walls, cabinetry, doors and all associated woodwork.
  • Tiling, including the removal and re-tiling of existing tiled areas
  • No room inside the house for the bathroom?  We can add on outside to create the space.
  • Opening up enclosed areas to create servery benches and window features.


What will you be getting when you hire the team at Fraederich Homes?

Fraederich Homes are passionate about stunning designs, customer service and creating spaces that you can be proud of. You will be working closely with a team of passionate and qualified tradespeople, as well as Rico himself. Rico and the staff will work with you from the design process to the finishing touches so that you understand what is happening every step of the way.

Most importantly, the team understands that you might not be a bathroom or kitchen expert.  So they will explain everything in an easy to understand way. This way you can make informed decisions about your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

If you’re wanting to renovate your bathroom or kitchen but don’t know where to start, contact Rico at Fraederich Homes. You will be in the hands of passionate professionals who will work closely with you to make your renovations ideas come to life.

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