Have you noticed all the growth, new construction and development around Ipswich lately?  There has never been a better time to find affordable and available land around Ipswich and surrounding suburbs.  Are you are looking to buy or build your dream home? Then it pays to call Fraederich Homes to discuss your needs.  New home builders Ipswich & Brisbane West are being kept busy!

The latest developments in Ipswich, Queensland

In terms of liveability and affordability, Ipswich is a highlight within the South East Queensland region.  Situated close to the city of Brisbane, and easily accessible to the North, West and South, there are is a host of opportunities for home builders in Ipswich.  Do you want to live near the bustling centre of town?  Or find a relaxed and peaceful property with trees and fresh air?  Whatever your preference, there are new developments popping up all around Ipswich!  There really are some incredible opportunities to build your dream home, and home builders in Ipswich ready to start.  Let’s check out what happening in Ipswich new home constructions.

Developments in Ipswich City Centre

There is a transformation underway in the centre of Ipswich.  The project to bring new life and vitality into the centre of Ipswich involves upgrading the mall, adding green spaces, water features, and even a events stage to attract the crowds.  There are plans for new apartment buildings, detached homes, and opportunities for new home builders near the heart of Ipswich.

Master Planned Communities near Ipswich

We have all heard of the incredible and ongoing development of Greater Springfield.  There are now houses and estates being built at Ripley.  In addition, there are new land releases happening at Waterlea.  Each of these exciting developments have wonderful opportunities for new home builders Ipswich and around the immediate area.  With new land releases happening every day, there is no problem finding your ideal location.  With modern design specifications, and close proximity to schools, shops and transport, there is no need to look further.  There are fabulous parks and green spaces, waterways, walking trails, and cycling tracks.  Do you need a little extra space?  Or do you prefer a low maintenance garden?   Then there are new home options to suit you.  Give us a call at Fraederich Homes today, because we are experienced home builders Ipswich, Brisbane West and outlying areas.

Defence Housing Opportunities

DHAThere are even home building opportunities for investors, with the latest development of Defence Housing Estates by DHA.  There are planned releases within the Deebing Heights area, specially set aside for Defence Housing constructions.  It is important to note that there will be blocks available for purchase by the public, either for home builders or investors.  Whether you want to find a space for your dream home in Deebing heights, or build an investment nest egg for the future, there are plentiful opportunities for new home builders in greater Ipswich.

New Home Builders Ipswich not slowing down

The Ipswich home building boom is going strong.  The numbers of approval for new houses has stayed steady, and the rate of construction shows no signs of slowing down.  In addition, there is no doubt that with the availability and affordability of land around Ipswich, the signs are looking good for the future of Ipswich.  Ipswich will always have available land for detached housing, compact lots, acreage lots, and a wonderful mix of urban and rural properties.

First Home buyers, Ipswich

There are also ample opportunities for first home buyers amongst the new home builders in Ipswich.  With a wide range of different types of properties to choose from, and close proximity to services and transport, there are opportunities for young and the young at heart.  The first home buyers grant is available for new home builders in Ipswich, so that is an excellent way to get started.  Whilst there are always opportunities for investors, the emphasis is on owner occupier properties.

Are you looking to move to the Ipswich Area?

home builders IpswichWith wonderful opportunities and a steady demand for housing, the greater Ipswich area is a great choice to find your dream home.  Many people want to move to Ipswich, whether from local, interstate or overseas.  Therefore you can always have the confidence to invest in real estate in Ipswich and South East Queensland.  The good news is that the region does not depend on just one industry or market sector.  There is a wide range of local employment and attractions.

Are you looking to build your dream home?

Don’t become stressed about building your dream home.  Give Fraederich Homes a call to discuss the options and inclusions that we offer all our clients.  We aim to be the best choice for new home builders Ipswich and surrounds.  So our goal and intention is to make your life easier.  Don’t try to do all the hard work yourself, because we have experience with all of the planning, approvals and hassles for new home builds.  We are experienced dealing with the local Ipswich city planning.  Furthermore, we understand all the regulations and guidelines.

Now is a great time to buy or build your dream home.  When you think of Home Builders Ipswich, call Fraederich Homes!