There is no doubt it can be an exciting time when talking about adding an extension to your house.  Extending your home is just like renovating, and it can be expensive, uncomfortable to live in, and there is a lot of mess.  But at the same time, it can be very exciting to dream about living in a larger house, with more space to live and play!  So how do you find the best house extension builders, and what questions do you need to ask them?
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Question 1:  What’s the difference between house extension builders vs new house builders?

The most important question about house extension builders is – what do they specialise at?  For example, new home builders tend to be very good at building houses from scratch.  But when it comes to working with an existing home, there are always challenges.  These include site access, digging foundations, and working around existing services.  Without doubt, there is a skill associated with working on a persons’ dream home, without damaging the existing property.  A simple mistake with existing structure, driveways, or even the neighbours fence can be very expensive.  So it pays to get it right and choose the best house extension builders who know the local lay of the land.

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Question 2:  What happens if there is limited access to dig foundations?

When it comes to the best house extension builders, they know it is rare to have unrestricted access.  In most circumstances, house extension builders need to be problem solvers.  They need to work within limited space, difficult access and narrow confines to dig the foundations for an extension.  But as with any building project, the foundations are vital and cannot be compromised.  Especially when it comes to excavating right up against the existing house.  The same applies to external buildings on the property, such as sheds, garages, and granny flats.  When it comes to the best house extension builders, even the swimming pool and existing fences can be difficult to work around.

Question 3:  Do you need a property survey?

The best house extension builders know that it is very important to have a property survey conducted before starting work.  It is more common to have boundary errors than most people realise.  Did you know that it’s common that the boundary between neighbouring properties may not simply lie directly beneath the fence line?  Although some people can be surprised to find that the boundary might be inside the fence line, it is better to find out before you start work.  Most councils have regulations about buildings being set back a minimum distance from any given boundary.  And this applies even if the fence is wrong.

Now, it can be a shock to discover that the fence is in the wrong place, but if both neighbours agree, there is no urgent need to move it.  But the same does not apply to buildings and house extensions that are in the wrong place.  The council may require that a building be removed if it does not satisfy the regulations.  Make sure you get it right before the house extension builders arrive!

Question 4:  What if the old house is not perfectly square?

The fact is that older style homes and traditional character houses are rarely ever perfectly square.  This is something that experienced house extension builders are accustomed to working with, and should include in the quotation!  After all, when you decide to extend your home, you don’t want any nasty little surprises when it comes to paying the bill.

Question 5:  Do you need insulation?

Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts!  The best house extension builders should never try to compromise on insulation, even of the old part of the house doesn’t have it.  There is no good reason why the house extension should not have proper insulation, as this is often the living space.  The reason for extending your existing house is to add space and increase comfort so you can really enjoy living in your dream home.

Question 6: What about existing services?

It is very important to know where your existing services such as water, electricity, gas or sewer lines run through the property.  The best house extension builders know to take the time to find the existing services.  They’ll also make a plan to avoid them, or to factor in the cost of new services.  Either way, it can save a lot of time and money to avoid simple mistakes such as digging up pipes by accident.

Question 7:  What about stormwater pipes?

The best thing about building an extension on the house is to fix up all those nagging problems such as downpipes and stormwater drainage.  There is no excuse for building a beautiful new extension and not installing proper stormwater downpipes.  Part of the design of the new extension should ensure that adequate guttering and downpipes are included in the quotation.  It is also reassuring to know that drainage is taken care of so that you don’t have any nasty surprises with flood water!

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Question 8:  Should you choose experienced house extension builders?

The most important question when it comes to building extensions!  Of course you should choose an experienced builder, with specialist experience at home extensions.  For all of the reasons that we have discussed previously, if you don’t get it right, it could cost you money.  It really pays to choose the best home extension builders who know everything that should be included in the quotation.

Question 9:  Should you choose the lowest quote?

Not necessarily!  When it comes to choosing the best house extension builders, what is more important is that you don’t get any nasty little surprises.  Many builders will include an additional cost in case the foundations need to dig into rock.  Fair enough, at least you knew about it, and hopefully it won’t happen.  But what if someone accidentally bumps into the fence, or digs up the water pipe?  These things cost money, and you don’t want to get landed with additional costs.

Question 10:  Can you trust your house extension builder?

You really need to build a relationship with your builder so that you know you can trust them.  The best thing about Fraederich Homes is not just that they specialise in house extensions.  When you talk to Fraederich Homes, you will speak with Rico, who is the owner of the company.  He is a licensed builder with years of experience, so he knows his stuff.  Rico has a genuine love for timber, carpentry and houses.  Furthermore, he is based in Ipswich, so he knows Brisbane and western suburbs.  The best thing is that Rico knows how to make the most of what you have to work with.  He’ll work with you to add real value to your property.

Fraederich Homes are experienced and reliable house extension builders in Ipswich and Brisbane.  So, give Rico a call today.

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