Fraederich Homes are experienced and highly qualified home renovation builders Ipswich Qld, Brisbane and surrounds.  We love to renovate the wonderful character homes and old Queenslanders which are such icons in the area.  Whether small and humble or large and grand, as your renovation builders in Ipswich Qld, we think they’re all important.  Queenslanders are justifiably proud of their traditional homes.  So we love to work with homeowners to get the very best results for them.  With our many years of experience as renovation builders, we have a special talent for maintaining and enhancing period features of houses.  We can do this while still adding the modern touches with kitchen and bathroom enrico btn 300dpi hi res

Why are renovation builders so important?

renovation builders ipswich qld The heritage value of the beautiful homes in Brisbane, Ipswich and the surrounding locations can never be replaced.  These wonderful old homes were built to last, and they simply don’t make them like that anymore!  When you fall in love with an iconic Queenslander home, it is important to give what it deserves.  From the stumps to the gable peaks, experienced renovation builders restore the building, but also make last for future generations.  Our prior historical building restoration experience makes us specialists as renovation builders Ipswich Qld and Brisbane.

Fraederich Homes is locally owned and managed by Enrico Fraederich – or Rico for short.  He offers a wide range of custom built solutions, both new builds and renovations. With a team of renovation builders, he can transform your home from a fixer-upper to your dream home.  Rico combines a keen sense of design, innovation, and integration to deliver you the optimal solution for your home and budget.

Do you want to retain every piece of characterful timber work?  Or modernise everything behind the façade?  Whichever your inspiration, Rico will have ideas to discuss with you!  Make Fraederich Homes your renovation builder of choice in Ipswich Qld and Brisbane.

Why renovate your home?

When you find the right home, it can be difficult to leave!  But sometimes you need more space, or a new kitchen, or bathroom renovations.  You may just want to unlock the full potential of your home.  In all of these cases you will benefit from the services of specialist home renovation builders Qld.  Rico has many years’ worth of secrets hidden away in his head, with no two solutions the same!  For example, he has added family rooms, extensions, exterior decks, and underneath living spaces to enhance Queensland homes.  The best part is that a clever renovation builder can meet your needs for more space without having to sell up and move house.  In some cases, you can even continue to live in your home whilst we perform the renovations to the building.

Renovation Builders Ipswich Qld

Renovate the easy way with our renovation builders Ipswich Qld

It can be very daunting to take on a major renovation building project.  From the city council approvals, to the planning stages and the ordering of materials, there is much to consider.  Let us do the hard work for you, As qualified Ipswich and Brisbane renovation builders, we can look after the complete project from beginning to end.  From building approvals, to drawings, plans and demolition, through to completions stages, we take care of you.  With Fraederich Homes, you remain in charge of the project, and we do the hard work of the building renovations.

Building Regulations in Queensland

Do you know that you need to employ the services of a licensed renovation builder for projects in excess of $3000?  For more details see the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website. As soon as the renovation cost goes over that threshold, you know you can trust Fraederich Homes to act as your licenced and certified professional builder.  And that can pretty much be the cost of even just removing a wall for renovations and building improvement.  We also have a good relationship with local city councils in Brisbane and Ipswich.  This is important, because being familiar with them and being able to work together to reach approval for your project is one of the first steps.  We aim to achieve an attractive and sympathetic outcome for our beautiful Queenslander homes, with the agreement and backup of Council planning and permissions.

Kitchen Renovations

One of the most important places to modernise your home is in the kitchen.  Whilst a little character and timber work may look attractive at the façade of your home, those old fashioned kitchens and appliances are not a sales feature!

Renovation Builders Ipswich QldThe kitchen is the heart of every home, and a modern, clean and functional kitchen will enhance the look and feel of your home.  But when it comes to old style houses, no two kitchens are the same.  And that makes it difficult to get a realistic quote from the kitchen renovation specialists.  They are mainly interested in making all kitchens look the same, and that is okay in modern houses.  But when you love the character and unique elements of an old Queenslander, then you may want to retain that character.

This is where Fraederich Homes can provide a sympathetic renovation building design that offers the elements you really need, whilst fitting in with the character that you love.  Rico’s carpentry work is second to none, so you can be sure of an excellent finish.

Bathroom renovations

Not only is the kitchen important, but bathroom renovations are also important.  What about a second bathroom?  An ensuite? If you are adding bedrooms to your home renovation, we recommend that you consider an extra bathroom for that larger family.  Even if you don’t need it right away, a larger family will almost always need more than one bathroom.  Additional bathrooms and rooms, especially if they can be fitted under the main roof, will often add considerable resale value to a property.

More living space

Without a doubt, the requirements of modern living include a spacious living area.  The trouble is, many character houses were not built with open plan living spaces.  Fortunately, we are expert renovation builders Ipswich Qld with the experience to find and create wonderful living spaces in your older style home.  We can add exterior decks and verandas, wall removal renovations, raise and build in under renovations, amongst others.  All this without compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Increase the capital value of your home

renovation builders ipswich qld The purpose for doing any of this is usually to improve your home and to improve your standard of living.  But here at Fraederich Homes, we know there is more to it than that.  We take care to ensure that we can produce a renovation that is sympathetic to the building.  Keeping within your budget is also critical as is guarding against the potential to over-capitalise.

In other words, we like to add value to your property.  If our building renovations additionally result in a significant increase in the capital value of the property, that means we have done our job as we want to.

Fraederich Homes takes pride in managing all aspects of your building renovations, to give you a truly stress free renovation experience.

Give Rico a call to discuss your options for working with the best renovation builders Ipswich Qld – we expect you will be pleasantly surprised!