House Extensions Brisbane


“We Build House Extensions for Brisbane Homes”

As home renovation builders in the Brisbane area, we are often called on to extend existing properties to provide new, more useable space.  Whether you’re hoping to build outwards, upwards or under your home, adding extra rooms or extending your living space into the garden, our quality house extensions make your Brisbane home more suited to the way you like to live.

A Collaborative Approach

First and foremost, we remember that every house extension we build is somebody’s home. Unlike many builders, who try to fit your house to their off-the-shelf solutions, we work with you to create a design that complements your lifestyle and matches your home.

Our collaboration with you starts at the planning stage.  Here, we sit down with you and consider all the details of your build. We concern ourselves with how you like to live in your home.  To assist with visualisation, we begin by creating a 3D design of how your house extension will look. This way, you can understand what we are thinking and we can address your concerns before it becomes too late or too expensive to change.

Building for the Australian Environment

Our director, Rico Fraederich, was born and trained in Germany, where the climate couldn’t be more different from our own, but our house extensions are made for the Brisbane environment where you live. With us, you have the added advantage of 50 years of European energy-saving expertise that helps us find ways to make your extensions more efficient, stronger and more structurally sound. We make suggestions that can cut your energy overheads and save you money long after we’ve packed up and handed you the keys.

House Extensions Brisbane

Since arriving in Australia, Rico has applied his climate-conscious building skills to decks and extensions which need protection from the powerful and destructive Australian sun. When building your home extension, we take care of the smallest details to ensure your extension stays healthy for the longest possible time.

A House Extension Opens Up Your Home

Ideal for expanding families, or homes with a garden that never gets used, creative house extensions can renew your love affair with your home. It’s an opportunity to give yourself more room.  You may introduce more light or create a space for social gatherings in the great outdoors.  With Fraederich Homes, we know there’s no need to feel limited by your existing space.  There’s always room to create something new.

If you’d love some extra space but don’t know where to start, we’re happy to visit you at home.  We can discuss your needs and wishes and tell you further about what we can do. Please contact us today to find out more.