Home Builders Brisbane


“Fraederich Homes Are Your Home Builders Brisbane, Brisbane West and Bayside”

In addition to house renovations and home extensions, Fraederich Homes offer a complete home building service from the initial planning stage, to the moment we hand over the keys.

Home Builders Brisbane

A World of Experience Built Into Your Home

Expertly trained in Germany, and with years of Australian building under his belt, Rico Fraederich is a master carpenter with inside experience of building modern, well-constructed homes. Rico applies his diverse international building experience to modern and creative designs that reflect your lifestyle and the home you desire, before completing the work alongside his talented team.

Many building contractors have different teams creating the plans and completing the build.  This means details in the plans can be interpreted differently from the way that you thought.  The consistent presence of a master craftsman from design through to completion ensures that no important details are overlooked.  This way, the finished house matches the vision you have for your home.

We Work With You to Keep Costs Down

Unlike other home builders in Brisbane, we don’t believe in handing over off-the-shelf designs. We prefer to work with you to design and build the home you want to live in, giving you the chance to see your build in 3D before the plans are submitted to building control.  This way, you have the opportunity to see what we’re planning and offer your input right from the start.

But although we listen closely to our customers on every build, this doesn’t mean our service has to break the bank.  We build to your budget, paying attention to the important details that keep your home healthy and sound.  Our homes are built to reduce your energy overheads and cut down on maintenance costs long after the build is complete, saving you money wherever we can.

Because we care about your build, we follow up on our service by providing free, no-obligation maintenance assessments at regular intervals after the work is complete.

We Care About Quality

We pride ourselves on being a little different from other home builders. Our Brisbane customers enjoy the care and attention that a small firm can provide. Building to your budget doesn’t mean cutting corners or overriding how you want your home to feel – we draw on decades of experience to build an affordable home that’s comfortable, healthy and structurally sound.

Created by a master craftsman, Fraederich Homes can’t help but build a beautiful home. We care about quality craftsmanship and take care of the little details that make your house special and help keep costs down year after year.

If you are thinking of building a new home, why not talk to us about your ideas? Get in touch today to find out more.