Are you building or renovating your house in Ipswich or the Western suburbs of Brisbane?  If so, then you’ll be looking for the best builders Ipswich has available!  And you will have heard horror stories of budget blow outs and escalating costs.  So, here’s our advice for keeping the budget under control when working with your designer or architect.  That is our Fraederich Homes commitment to you, as reputable and respected builders Ipswich renovators can turn to.  We love to help you come up with great ideas for your home renovation or new home construction, without breaking the budget.

Here are our 5 tips to consider exciting ideas for your home renovation or new home construction, without getting into hot water!

1. Beware the architect with little regard for the budget

It pays to understand that many architects begin with a grand vision that enhances their own reputation. The scope of their grand plan may have very little in common with your own plans for a cozy little cottage. The important lesson to be aware of is that architects are not necessarily budget estimators or quantity surveyors. It is important to hire a professional builder or quantity surveyor to maintain tight control over the budget. As experienced renovators and builders Ipswich way, we often see designs that have no regard for costs, materials or schedule.

2. Do your own research

Drive around your neighbourhood to see what development is going on. Look at council planning guidelines and even check out Google Earth to see what is happening in the area. It pays to see what other people are doing in terms of renovation and building, and take note of how much they are likely spending. There is no point developing a grand mansion in a low socio-economic area, because you run the risk of over capitalising. Likewise, there are some beautiful character homes in Ipswich and around Brisbane, and it pays to keep in with the local character. Especially when it comes to renovating, you can really add capital to your property by renovating in the style of other local properties.

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3. Understand your budget before you begin

Visit the bank or mortgage broker for an open and honest discussion on mortgage products and interest rates. These days there are many different mortgage products and options available. Packages can vary greatly depending on what you need.  Whether you need finance for renovations, or building a new home, it varies. When you understand your budget limits, you start in a powerful place.  You can scope out the details of your renovation with practicality in mind. It can be more than a little disappointing when you start out with stars in your eyes, only to find out that you can only afford half a house!

And the all important piece of advice – put it in the contract! Don’t keep your final price as a well-guarded secret!  Put it out there and get it agreed to in the agreement or contract. Of course, you probably need to keep a small amount of contingency funding for unexpected variations.  And emergencies sometimes happen. You don’t have to tell anyone about your contingency, of course!  But make sure that your renovation or building budget is factored into discussions right from the beginning.

4. Talk to building designers and architects (and builders, Ipswich!)

These days, there are different levels of services offered between designers, builders and architects. The important thing is the level of detail that each of these professionals apply to the design package. For example, the materials specified.  Different materials have impacts on the cost and the level of complexity for the builder. Sometimes it pays to talk to one of the builders in Ipswich just to make sure that the design is achievable.

5. Don’t be seduced by glossy brochures

Any decent architect or building designer will have a portfolio of beautiful pictures of stunning houses. But you should ask to view actual photos of completed projects, and then go and view them for real. Sales brochures and glossy photos are designed to make sales. Take steps to protect yourself from false expectations.  It pays to check the claims of the various designers to make sure their products look good in real life! Beware of the “Pinterest effect” here, as most pictures are taken to showcase a property instead of showing reality.

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