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“Brisbane New Home Builders Are Not All Created Equal”


Custom Homes BrisbaneEnrico Fraederich (Rico, once you’ve spoken once!), of Fraederich Homes builds custom homes Brisbane, Brisbane West and surrounds.  He is a master carpenter who originally trained and worked extensively on unique projects and building houses in Germany before moving to Australia.

Now, for over a decade, Rico has been building a fine reputation for quality craftsmanship and reliable and professional service here in Brisbane. To find out more about Enrico and his reputation as a fine craftsman in the new home builders industry Click Here.

Custom Homes Brisbane

Fraederich Homes are experts in fine renovations and construction in Brisbane, Brisbane West and surrounding suburbs.   We like to do things a little differently.  We work with you, our valued client, to build a home for you, just the way you want it.

Rico honestly values your input and will sit down with you and listen to your ideas and requests to come up with a custom home design and building plan you love.  You get to choose.  Our aim is to get you the home of your dreams.  Bring your home design to us if you already have one.  Or, alternatively, we will help you to develop a custom design which will fit your family and lifestyle.  As custom builders in Brisbane, Fraederich Homes values their relationship with you.  We take the time needed for you to build trust in us, and the new home design and building process. This will give you confidence that your new home won’t be like something mass produced, but will be unique to you.  A home displaying your style and creativity.  We want your home to be an extension of you.

New Home Builders – Custom Homes vs Mass Produced

Fraederich Homes is not a mass production builder.  A production builder builds hundreds, sometimes thousands of homes based on set home plans with only minor changes being possible – usually just a selection from standard options.  Any major changes bring significant cost or are simply not possible.  This means the resulting house is pretty much the same as the next house.  Have you ever looked through the real estate listings and realised that the homes all look essentially the same?  If you need something different, and unique to you, that’s where a custom builder, like Fraederich Homes, comes in.

A custom home builder, like Fraederich Homes, creates a unique, one off home built to your design choice.  Your input is valued and you get to select your own fixtures, fittings and colour schemes.  We build it right for you the first time.  We build it so your home is unique.

But Aren’t Custom Builders Homes So Much More Expensive, You Say?

Not necessarily.  Building a custom home will not necessarily cost you more than a mass produced project home.  When you’re working with the right type of home builders custom designing your home with you, you design what you want from the start and have input into the building process each step of the way.  You’ll be meeting Rico personally on your building site, not an assigned project manager, to whom you are but another number.  Building a custom home is a journey, and with Fraederich Homes our aim is to make it a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable one.  Memorable for the right reasons!

With a custom designed and built home, you don’t have to adapt or make add-ons like you would with a standard home design from a mass production builder.  Adaptations and add-ons with mass produced builders are usually considered an “extra”.  And as you know “extras” always come at a cost, often a significant cost.  With Enrico Fraederich’s custom homes Brisbane services you get exactly what you want first time around.  In fact, a custom designed home tailored specifically to your block of land may actually save you money.  “Standard Designs” suit “Standard Blocks” but if modifications to the design are needed to suit the block of land, these can be costly.

An additional benefit of working with Fraederich Homes is they have an interest in working with the Australian envirionment.  Our interest is in producing something that is sustainable and if you are so inclined, designing features of the home so that running costs (such as heating and cooling) can be more efficient and so cost you less in the longer term.

A Home Custom Designed for Your Block of Land

Building a home in Brisbane always starts with finding that block of land.  The dream block, the perfect block.  Perhaps you’ve already found it but you’re unsure whether your dream home will suit the size or shape of the block.  This is where Rico from Fraederich Homes goes the extra mile for you.  Given the chance, he will help you assess your block of land before you buy it.  This will ensure you know what you’re buying and whether your desired home design will suit the shape, size and slope of the block you are wishing to buy.  Getting expert advice before you buy reduces the risk of any nasty surprises and potentially crippling additional costs later.

If you’ve already purchased your dream block you may be unsure whether your chosen home design will suit the size, shape or slope.  Don’t worry.  Once again in this situation, Rico will be able to meet you on site at your block.  He will view your chosen home design, discuss your options and advise whether your plans are suitable for the block you have purchased.  If changes to your home design needs to be made, due to size, slope of the block, etc. this can be done in consultation with you.  You have input into the decisions made.  We listen and work with our customers, giving you that much needed peace of mind when you’re building your dream home.

The aim of Fraederich Homes is to have satisfied customers who have journeyed with us through an amazing custom building experience, and now live in their dream home.  When you are considering Brisbane new home builders, be sure to seriously investigate the benefits of the design and construction services offered by Fraederich Homes.

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